“The Art of Window Painting is an excellent guide for anyone who is interested in advertisement in a fun, open and rewarding way. It provides ideas and strategies for both the beginner as well as the advanced window painter. It details information not just from the painting perspective but also from the business perspective. In addition, it shows how to tap the talents of our youth who often produce beautiful street art with no positive benefit to a community. Anyone interested in starting his or her own window painting business would do well to seriously consider the many tips and suggestions offered by the author.”
Ofelia Lariviere
Administrative Director
Pomona Unified School District

“This is an exceptional book! I am excited to add this inspirational resource to my Career Library for college students to explore a unique and rewarding career.”
Laura S. Kiralla
Director of Career Development & Placement
University of La Verne

“I was very impressed. I can see this book being used as an appealing tool and a useful guide to help point at-risk kids in a positive direction.“
Richard C. Lopez
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.

“Really Wonderful! I learned so much! This book is very interesting and engaging. It will surely cause excitement about the prospect of Window Painting in many students.”
Dr. Adrien Lowery
Writing Center Director
Azusa Pacific University

“Fantastic! This book answered any and all questions I might have had. I can see art students eating this up!”
Eric Weber
Multnomah Publishers


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