The Art of Window Painting Window Advertising :: A Guide to Watercolor Window Advertising for the Artist, the Teacher, Professional and more!

Why Not Learn the Art of Window Painting?!

The Art of Window Painting book is an introduction and guide that will simplify the techniques of window painting and will open a whole new world before your very eyes!!!

Earn while you learn! Start your own business! Even work your way through school!

Both beginners and the experienced will benefit from the clarity, creativity, and thoroughness of this book expressing itself in content, illustrations, and photographs, making it both innovative and entertaining.

Fun! Informative! This book gives great examples highlighting each aspect of the art of window painting. Featuring information on:
  • Layout 
  • Lettering
  • Spacing
  • Color
  • Artwork/Cartooning
  • Tools
  • Salesmanship
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to Start a Business at a Very Low Cost
  • Pricing

A complete, step-by-step with photos on Painting a Window from Start to Finish…
Including a Bonus Chapter on vehicle lettering (windshields)

TEACHERS: Motivate students in the Art of Window Painting and use it for art projects, school events, civic functions, career goals, extra cash for college, etc.

It is also a Wonderful Outreach Tool for Gifted At-Risk Youth (see Chapter 11- To Achieve Greatness). Turn their bent for Graffiti into Hope for the Future!

Window Painting opens doors to other forms of advertising such as banner work, wall graphics, studio work, cartooning, vehicle graphics and more!

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